Your Guide to Thermafill®

Environmental consciousness and energy efficiency has never been a hotter topic, making an increasing number of homeowners like you want innovative solutions to make eco-friendly homes. SILKA has created revolutionary energy efficient glazing systems offering top thermal performance with our groundbreaking and trademarked technology, Thermafill. In this guide, we explore the benefits and features of Thermafill, its role in creating sustainable homes and the importance of triple glazing in maximising energy efficiency.

Thermafill®: unleashing energy efficiency

At the heart of SILKA’s energy-saving frame technology lies Thermafill, a trademarked innovation that offers edge-to-edge insulation. By insulating the chambers within the outer frame and sash profiles, Thermafill creates a complete thermal break, effectively preventing cold air from coming into your home and warm air from escaping. The result? Top level energy efficiency, ensuring a comfortable and tranquil living space all year round.

Creating futureproof homes with SILKA

Thermafill plays a pivotal role in SILKA’s futureproofed aluminium glazing system, delivering top efficiency levels to windows, doors and rooflights. Paired with high performance triple glazing, Thermafill helps save energy and reduce our environmental impact. By trusting Thermafill technology, homeowners can feel safe in the knowledge their investment in SILKA products not only contributes to a sustainable future – but places them ahead of the curve when it comes to legislation.

The power of triple glazing

To achieve the highest performance in energy efficient glazing, SILKA combines Thermafill technology with high performance triple glazing. While Thermafill takes care of the aluminium frames, the insulated glass unit plays a crucial role as the largest component of your windows, doors or rooflights. Triple glazing ensures exceptional thermal performance, further enhancing energy efficiency and reducing heat loss. Maximising natural light while minimising heat transfer, triple glazing transforms your living space into a haven of comfort and sustainability.

The SILKA Advice Hub: Your design and efficiency resource

If you’re eager to find out more about triple glazing and energy efficiency, while picking up design ideas and helpful advice for your project, stay synced to the SILKA Advice Hub. The ideal resource for those passionate about transforming their living spaces into eco-friendly sanctuaries, the SILKA Advice Hub offers a wealth of information and inspiration, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions about creating energy efficient and sustainable homes.

With SILKA’s Thermafill technology and commitment to sustainability on side, homeowners can create an energy efficient space, without compromising on style or comfort. Its edge-to-edge insulation, coupled with triple glazing, ensures windowsdoors and rooflights save energy and enhance our lives. So, why wait? Let’s plan your ultimate eco-friendly home with Thermafill today!