Transform Your Summer with SILKA Aluminium Bifold Doors

Summer is the time for sun-soaked afternoons, relaxed evenings, and throwing our windows and doors open to let the outside in. SILKA Aluminium Bifold Doors create a seamless transition between the cosiness of the indoors and the appeal of the outdoors – and are one of our most popular products.

With a smooth-as-SILKA opening and wide glass panels, SILKA Bifold Doors offer a stunning view of your surroundings. And on the days they stay closed, triple glazing and high performance Thermafill® technology means they offer outstanding energy efficiency – and lower energy bills.

Maximising Natural Light

SILKA Bifold Doors will flood your home with natural light in summer, brightening both your space and the people within it! The large glass panels make rooms feel bigger and more inviting, with the sun’s rays saving on electricity, and uplifting the ambience of your home.

Connecting Inside with Outside

The key benefit of bifold doors is that they fold back to allow seamless indoor-outdoor living with easy access onto a deck or patio. Behind the scenes, the concealed gearing offers an ultra-smooth opening and closing action. Perfect for summer barbecues, play dates, garden parties, or just enjoying your own home, these doors make moving between your home and garden effortless. 

Boosting Home Value

Investing in SILKA Aluminium Windows and Doors is not only upgrading your home’s style and performance, but increasing its value. A study released by Ovo Energy earlier this year revealed 83% of active British homebuyers are seeking properties with energy efficient upgrades, reduced carbon emissions, and high EPC ratings. But this further surge towards sustainability is not just a matter of conscience; it’s a savvy financial decision that could increase the value of your home by up to 15%.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient

All products in the complete suite of SILKA Aluminium Windows and Doors offer top levels of thermal efficiency, meeting or exceeding the standards set to futureproof your home. Combining triple glazing and high performance Thermafill® technology as standard means they offer outstanding energy efficiency through both the frame and glass, driving down energy bills.

It’s All About Aluminium

With its superior strength, slimmer sightlines and superb style, aluminium is the optimal choice for bifold doors. Able to handle heavy glazed panes whilst maintaining its effortless smooth-as-SILKA opening mechanism, SILKA Aluminium Bifold Doors make light work of connecting the ins and outs of your home.

If you’re looking to transform your living space this summer, we’re on hand to plan your project. Tap into 25 years of glazing expertise and contact us today.