Windows play a pivotal role in home renovation – and SILKA Aluminium Windows can make that a home transformation! One of the harder to find but most impressive window styles is the tilt and turn, but what exactly are they, and why could they work for you?

What are tilt and turn windows?

The perfect combination of practicality and purpose, tilt and turn windows give you options. With three ways of opening – either via the bottom hinge for a little ‘tilt’, or the side for a full ‘turn’ outwards or inwards – this window style means you’re in control of your airflow. 

Tilt and turn windows feature a single pane of glass to maximise the light entering your home and the views you get from inside it. They are perfect for restricted spaces such as apartments, as they can be placed where other windows won’t work – and are easy to clean on the outside with a simple horizontal turn.

Modern and multifunctional

SILKA super-insulated Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows are a clever addition to your eco home. Featuring our advanced Thermafill® technology, paired with triple glazing as standard, SILKA Tilt & Turn Windows offer top thermal performance, reducing thermal bridging, boosting your home’s energy efficiency, and bringing down those energy bills – with our high-security locking system for added peace of mind. Our unique SILKtouch textured finish also provides a durable, easy-to-clean, and super stylish finish.


The top 6 benefits of tilt and turn windows

  1. Flexible ventilation: Customise your indoor climate with the tilt function for a gentle breeze, or the turn function for more air.

  2. Easy cleaning: Clean both sides of the window from inside your home, without the need for ladders. Perfect for homeowners with restricted mobility.

  3. Enhanced energy efficiency: Tilt and turn windows create a tighter seal than traditional windows, improving energy efficiency and comfort.

  4. Increased security: With multiple locking points and a design that resists forced opening from the outside in tilt mode, these windows offer optimal security.

  5. Space-saving design: Ideal for compact spaces like apartments, tilt and turn windows provide ventilation and light, without taking up extra room.

  6. Safety first: Tilt and turn windows can fully open in emergencies, serving as a fire escape route, but the option to ‘tilt’ safely means added safety for children.


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