Triple glazing reigns supreme

Energy efficiency has never been so crucial for homeowners, with energy costs on the rise and the government cracking down to ensure homes are operating efficiently. Energy efficiency is at the heart of everything we do at SILKA. For more than 30 years, the team at New World Developments, designers and manufacturers of the SILKA brand, has worked to consistently deliver top levels of energy efficiency and redefine the performance of glazing, so you can be confident your home is ready for the future.   

What is Thermafill®? 

Our revolutionary and trademarked energy saving technology, Thermafill, is designed to offer top levels of thermal performance for our windows, doors and rooflights. With its edge-to-edge insulation, Thermafill creates a unique thermal barrier, ensuring top levels of energy efficiency and soundproofing for your home. By insulating the chambers within the outer frame and sash profiles, Thermafill creates a complete thermal break, effectively insulating your home. 

What is triple glazing and why do I need it? 

Triple glazing consists of three panes of glass, with gas or air filling the cavities to maximise energy efficiency. By installing triple glazing rather than standard double-glazed units, you are placing your property ahead of UK building regulations and government legislation, which is strengthening its focus on home energy efficiency and reduced emissions. At SILKA, we offer triple glazing as standard to keep thermally efficient.  

One of the biggest issues with triple glazing is the distribution process. This is even more important when we are making huge triple glazed units used for Lift & Slide doors. At SILKA both the frames and glass are manufactured on the same site and delivered together to streamline the distribution process, plus of course we have years of experience on delivering triple glazing. In fact, we like to think that SILKA is reinventing the logistical standards for triple glazing.

How do Thermafill® and triple glazing work together? 

SILKA is the result of our trademark registered Thermafill technology and triple glazing working in unison to create a performance-driven system, which achieves impressive energy efficiency through both frame and glass. As insulated glass panels are SILKA’s largest feature, it is important they offer a high thermal performance.  

The complete SILKA range is expertly engineered to optimise performance, while meeting the growing demand for homes of the future. Thermafill technology works in conjunction with triple glazing to guarantee top level performance in windows, doors and rooflights.   

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