Is This The Door For You?

If you’re looking for a home upgrade that promises to enhance both aesthetics and function, glass sliding doors might be the addition you never knew you needed. Once a popular choice for commercial spaces; they’re now a style staple in modern homes, offering a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, while providing various practical advantages. From energy efficiency to space maximisation, SILKA explores why glass sliding doors could be the top contender for transforming your home. 

Energy Efficiency Beyond Convention 

With global climate policies and the UK’s Net Zero Strategy leaning heavily on energy efficiency, the type of windows and doors you choose for your home can play a pivotal role. Glass sliding doors, especially those designed with modern, insulated glass, can significantly reduce the transfer of heat. This translates to keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which doesn’t just mean a more comfortable living environment – it also leads to lower energy bills! 

Natural Light and Panoramic Views 

There’s an invigorating quality to natural light that artificial sources can’t possibly match. Glass sliding doors act as portals for sunlight, illuminating your home’s interiors and showing off its features. They also present a massive canvas for your surroundings. Whether you have a garden that changes with the seasons or a skyline that comes alive at dusk, wide, open views can do wonders for your mood and mental clarity. 

Space-Saving, Design-Boosting Versatility 

Older, hinged doors can be restrictive and monopolise space, especially when they open into a room. The sliding variety bypasses this design flaw, sliding smoothly along tracks with a gliding motion. SILKA’s Lift & Slide Doorsare engineered with heavy-duty rollers for a smooth as SILKA opening action – that must be slid to be believed! 

Indoor-Outdoor Living 

Glass sliding doors turn the act of stepping into your garden or balcony into a gentle, flowing movement. This seamless transition encourages more time spent outdoors, the benefits of fresh air, and an increased appreciation for your outdoor space as an extension of your indoors.  

A Premium Feel 

Architects agree that floor-to-ceiling glass gives your home a premium feel. Our sliding glass doors comes in sizes up to 2.7 metres high and 10 metres wide, offering an impressive feature in your home. Plus, with the choice of any RAL colour frame, with the option to have white internally for a neutral finish, you can really customise your SILKA sliding door to suit your style. 

Strong and Secure  

Offering the perfect combination of strength and security, SILKA sliding doors won’t be affected by rust, rotting, warping or bending, and require a lot less maintenance than other door types. They are also PAS 24 certified – the highest level of security performance that can be awarded to windows and doors – keeping your home as safe and possible. 

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