Repair or replace?

Restoring your windows could be a quick short-term fix, with costly repercussions. We’ve rounded up the signs it’s new glazing you need.  

Alongside their ability to instantly uplift the overall look of your home, great windows should offer ventilation, natural light, energy efficiency, reduced noise, and peace of mind. Replacing them is a big decision, which will undoubtedly lead to thoughts of ‘can I work with what I’ve got?’.
Here’s the SILKA hot list of signs it’s time for new windows. 

Your windows are draughty 

You may notice that your windows aren’t doing their job when your energy bills start to rise. Gaps that let in draughts are a top offender when it comes to heat loss in the home. By investing in energy efficient windows like our SILKA Aluminium Windows with Thermafill® insulated frame technology, you’ll keep your home warm and dry and your heating bills down. 

Your windows have condensation and mould 

Water on the inside of your windows, particularly when the weather is cold, is a sign that your seals are failing. If the condensation build up is excessive and doesn’t clear on its own, you should think about replacement windows before mould begins to grow. SILKA Aluminium Windows provide long lasting quality to keep condensation out and your home dry and damage free. 

Your windows are difficult to open and close 

If you’ve had your windows for a long time, it’s likely that age has a lot to do with why they won’t operate properly. Old windows can develop issues with balance and become jammed or stuck. Look out for signs of rust, rotting or mould as these will also factor into how easily your windows open and close. Our selection of SILKA Aluminium Windows offer lots of great options for replacements, providing longevity and low levels of maintenance. 

Your windows aren’t minimising outside noise 

You might be noticing that the noise from outside is not being reduced by your windows. Newer window styles are designed to keep noise to a minimum so it may be time to replace your current ones for a bit of peace and quiet! Thanks to high quality insulation, our SILKA modern, triple-pane windows provide noticeable sound dampening. 

Your windows are damaged 

Crack and breaks in your windows are definitely not ideal, and this means they will need replacing to keep your home safe and secure. When a window is damaged, it is really only a matter of time before exposure to the elements can cause further issues to the glass and frame. Our SILKAS specialists can diagnose issues and advise on the best replacement options for you. 

Your windows are decreasing the value of your home 

Did you know that on average, new double glazed windows can increase the value of your home by 10%? Most house hunters want a home that is ready to move into. If you are looking to upgrade your property or prepare it for sale, new windows are a great investment and will benefit you financially in the long run.