Energy efficiency needs your attention

Energy efficiency has taken centre stage, and it’s crucial to achieve a sustainable future. At SILKA, we are dedicated to futureproofing your home, and here’s why energy efficiency should be on your radar.

In today’s world, energy efficiency has taken centre stage, and it’s a crucial focus for a sustainable future. At SILKA, we are dedicated to futureproofing your home, and here’s why energy efficiency should be on your radar.

The UK Government’s ambitious goal of achieving Net Zero carbon targets by 2025 has set the stage for a monumental transformation in Building Regulations. This comprehensive overhaul touches every aspect of our lives, from the adoption of electric cars, solar PV, and battery storage to the implementation of higher insulation levels and improved performance from our electronics. It’s a revolution that demands attention. Your journey towards energy efficiency starts right at home, and one of the most effective ways to contribute to a greener future is by updating your windows and doors. However, the advantages go beyond environmental concerns. The Net Zero Strategy laid out by the Government has also pledged to reduce household heating bills by up to 20% while decreasing our reliance on foreign gases, meaning that by 2050, homes will have to be more efficient in order to comply.

Embracing change: The rise of triple glazing

Fortunately, we are embracing this change. The 2023 Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report revealed that half of those surveyed are actively seeking ways to make their homes more energy efficient.

For the first time in years, homeowners are choosing to replace their windows as a means of reducing heating bills. Triple glazing has emerged as a popular choice, experiencing a remarkable surge in demand, with a 125% increase in 2022, and 15% of homeowners planning to install it in 2023.

SILKA's commitment to energy efficiency

At SILKA, our commitment to futureproofing your home is unwavering. Our entire product range is designed with a focus on making your home lighter, brighter and more energy efficient. But what sets us apart in the pursuit of top level energy efficiency?

The answer lies in Thermafill®, a pioneering product born from SILKA’s innovation. Thermafill® revolutionises the thermal performance of our windows, doors and rooflights. Through edge to edge insulation, Thermafill® creates a unique thermal barrier, ensuring consistently superior levels of energy efficiency and soundproofing for your home. By insulating the chambers within the outer frame and sash profiles, Thermafill® establishes a complete thermal break, effectively insulating your home, day in and day out.

The perfect pairing: Triple glazing and Thermafill®

While Thermafill® represents a remarkable technology on its own, when combined with triple glazing, its effectiveness reaches new heights. This winning combination forms the SILKA futureproofed aluminium glazing suite, delivering unparalleled energy efficiency, warmth and sustainability for your home. It also translates to substantial savings on your energy bills, a welcome bonus in the pursuit of a greener future.

Ready to join the revolution? View the complete SILKA range and take the first step towards a more energy efficient and sustainable home.