A Window into our Energy Saving Tips

Did you know the average UK home loses 25% to 30% of heat through windows and doors? And this percentage can be even higher if your windows are old. Properly insulated windows will help lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust says that by replacing old or inadequate windows with energy efficient alternatives, the average household could save 10% to 20% on energy bills. But what makes windows energy efficient? Here’s the SILKA cheat sheet of simple energy saving tips.

Top features of energy efficient windows:

Double or triple glazing: Reduces heat loss and enhances thermal performance. We offer triple glazing as standard for top levels of thermal efficiency across the full SILKA range.

Insulated Frames: Designed with materials for low thermal conductivity, including wood, uPVC and aluminium. SILKA products are exclusively aluminium, which enables us to create frames to the highest degree of precision, minus any gaps that might allow heat to escape from your home.

Tight Seals: To minimise air leakage and prevent draughts, reducing the need for additional heating in the home.

Low U-value: The lower the U-value the better level of insulation. SILKA products offer U-values as low as of 0.8 W/m²K, for top levels of energy efficiency.

There are lots of easy, energy saving switches you can make in the home. Combined with properly insulated and high-performing energy efficient windows, these quick fix tips will keep more of those hard-earned pennies in your pocket.

Quick energy saving fixes for your home:

Upgrading appliances to more energy efficient models. Look for energy labels giving you a rating on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient product of its class.  

Only turn on central heating when you need it. Leaving it on, even at a low temperature, uses more energy. A programmable thermostat can automate these adjustments with ease.

Replace traditional bulbs with energy efficient alternatives such as LED – and remember to turn the lights off!

Don’t use the standby mode on electronics such as TVs, games consoles and laptops, and unplug them when not in use.

Install a water-saving shower head, which uses less water for the same experience, reducing the amount of heat needed.

Remember, when it comes to the sustainability, there is no small effort. Reducing your own energy consumption has a positive impact on energy bills, the environment, and the bigger picture for our planet.

Our SILKA specialists are on hand to help you find the perfect path to energy efficiency for your home.