6 extension essentials

Extending your home is an exciting venture, providing you get it right. We’ve put together this SILKA list of top 6 extension essentials to ensure your project has all bases covered.

1. Rooflights: Illuminating your space

A rooflight is the linchpin of a successful home extension. The importance of natural light cannot be overstated, especially when expanding your living space. Often, as you extend or modify your home, you risk losing precious natural light. While floor-to-ceiling doors can flood your extension with sunlight, they aren’t the only way to increase the amount of natural light in your space. Installing a rooflight can remedy this by bringing at least 25% more light into your home, effectively brightening it and making the most of the available space.


2. Sliding Doors: Seamlessly connect indoors and outdoors

Sliding doors offer a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of your home, maximising the flow of natural light into your extension. They provide easy access but can be heavy to operate. The solution? Lift & Slide doors, equipped with lightweight hardware that allows panels to lift from their track and glide effortlessly.

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3. Bifold Doors: Transforming spaces

While bifold doors may require a higher investment than sliding doors, they deliver unparalleled ways to make your dream space. These doors fold back in a concertina style and sit neatly to one side when open, creating a seamless walkway between your home and extension. This design maximises light, space and ventilation. SILKA offers a range of impressive configurations to suit your specific needs.

4. Fixed glazing: Framing the outdoors

Fixed glazing doesn’t open, but does serve as a versatile frame for outdoor views. Also known as a picture window, they come in various shapes and sizes and offer exceptional energy efficiency. Adding one or more fixed windows to your extension brings in valuable natural light, reduces noise, and helps to conserve energy by blocking drafts and weather.


5. Single or French Door: Access and light

A single door provides convenient access to your garden from the extension and offers ventilation on warm days. Opting for an elegant French door with glass panels spanning its length enhances the influx of natural light into your living space, and makes a stylish statement.

6. Windows: Versatile ventilation

Windows are the easiest way to ventilate your extension and can be combined with doors for a continuous design feature. For those designing a kitchen, placing the sink in front of a window is a popular choice, offering a pleasant view.


Remember these essential elements as you plan your home extension project, and you won’t go wrong. For more insider tips and home renovation inspiration, read more of our updates on the SILKA Advice Hub.