Aluminium is on the rise. Don’t believe it? Just ask SILKA!

With energy prices soaring and the growing demand for thermally efficient homes, SILKA’s Sales and Marketing Director for England and Wales, Andy Jones, shares the surge in interest the brand has seen for its aluminium windows and doors, and discusses the importance of providing super insulated glazing systems. 

Aluminium is on the rise. Don’t believe it? Just ask SILKA!

We have seen commitment to the Future Homes Standard as the Government pushes for improved thermal performance in homes, and at SILKA we have seen increased interest from installers for our super insulated aluminium range, which ticks all of the efficiency boxes and more.

As homeowners are continuing to demand more energy efficient solutions, it presents a real opportunity within the industry to deliver effective solutions that will help them save money now and in the long run, and we’re starting to see installers recognising that value. At SILKA, we are already there – delivering a complete suite of revolutionary aluminium glazing solutions that offer top levels of thermal efficiency and future-proof technology.

As well as being visually appealing, aluminium is renowned for its structural integrity and resilient nature, so it was an obvious choice for us when designing and manufacturing our products. This resulted in a range of windows and doors that delivers on everything, from revolutionary design to extraordinary style and security.

Thanks to its robust material and the additional future-proof elements, we’re excited that installers are seeing the opportunity to deliver the future of the home to their customers, thanks to our products.

SILKA: The Complete Package

Alongside their resilient structure, all SILKA products benefit from our ground-breaking thermal barrier, Thermafill®. The super insulated Thermafill® technology is a revolutionary method of insulating chambers inside both the outer frame and sashes, which aids the delivery of superior energy efficiency and top performing U-values.

And we’re backed by stats: our Aluminium Windows, which come in both 72mm and slimline design, achieve U-values as low as 0.8 W/m­²K, our Lift & Slide Doors deliver U-values as low as 1.26 W/m­²K, while the Bifold Doors offer U-values down to 0.7 W/m­²K.

Every part of the range is also manufactured with triple glazing as standard. For many years, triple glazing has been a normal offering at New World Developments – the company behind SILKA. Having both the frame and glass manufactured at the same site provides a smooth and simple delivery of even the largest units, reinforcing our confidence in delivering the best possible products and practical solutions.

As well as ticking all the boxes when it comes to energy performance, SILKA products are beautiful in their design. The exclusive SILKtouch sputter coat technology gives our products a smooth as SILKA feel, while its robust finish helps resist finger marks and avoid unwanted smears.

With such a revolutionary combination, it’s no surprise that SILKA products deliver a top performing suite of products, including ultra-low U-values and stunning looks.

Plus, when paired with our super insulated Rooflight, which has been carefully designed to create a stunning internal plaster line right up to the glass line, we are able to provide a complete set of glazing systems that installers can deliver to homeowners for refurbishments, extensions and new-build projects.

SILKA is looking for installers to promote its products. We have a complete package of marketing support already, including lead generation and showroom support, with more to come in the future.

The complete SILKA range encompasses Windows, Entrance Doors, Bifold Doors, Lift & Slide Doors and Rooflights, which are available now: