Energy efficiency? It’s a top feature for SILKA!

As the Government pushes towards its Net Zero goals, Andy Jones, SILKA’s Sales and Marketing Director for England and Wales, talks about how SILKA is ready to achieve new energy efficiency regulations for homes, without compromising on design and style.

Energy efficiency? It’s a top feature for SILKA!

With an ambitious goal of achieving Net Zero carbon targets by 2025, we’re seeing the biggest overhaul on Building Regulations that we’ve ever seen. The UK Government is setting out its expectations on not only reducing CO2 emissions, but improving energy efficiency in every aspect of our lives. So, whether it’s electric cars, solar PV and battery storage, higher levels of insulation, or electricals having to perform better, everything is under scrutiny.

In the journey towards greater energy security, the Net Zero Strategy is aiming to reduce household heating bills by up to 20% and our dependency on foreign gas. It’s thought that the introduction of eco measures can help deliver more planet-friendly homes.

It’s a welcome change for homeowners, as half of them are looking to adapt their homes to make them more energy efficient, according to the Rated People Home Improvement Trend Report 2023. For the first time in many years, homeowners are choosing to replace windows to reduce heating bills. Because of this, triple glazing is one of the main elements they are looking to install in their home. The demand for triple glazing surged by 125% in 2022, and 15% of homeowners are now looking to install it in 2023 – making it one of the 20 top home improvement musts set to dominate this year and beyond.

It’s a welcome opportunity for forward thinking installation companies. SILKA is taking the lead with its dedication to top energy performance and design, our products – including Aluminium Windows; Bifold, Lift & Slide and Entrance Doors; and Rooflights – supply a revolutionary design and technology that delivers top thermal efficiency. But I think we all agree that no one wants to compromise on the look of their home.

How is SILKA delivering on energy efficiency?

For many years, triple glazing has been a standard offering at New World Developments – the company behind SILKA. Having both the frame and glass manufactured at the same site provides a smooth and simple delivery of even the largest units, reinforcing our confidence in delivering both faultless products and logistics.

Every innovation from SILKA also benefits from our ground-breaking Thermafill™ thermal barrier system. The highly insulated Thermafill™ technology is a clever method of maximising the insulating performance of the frame and glass. With such a revolutionary combination, it’s no surprise that Thermafill™ and triple glazing delivers ultra-low U-values, making SILKA products a top performing window, door and rooflight suite.

SILKA Aluminium Windows, which come in both 72mm and slimline design, achieve U-values as low as 0.8 W/m­²K, our Lift & Slide Doors deliver U-values as low as 1.26 W/m­²K, while the Bifold Doors offer U-values down to 0.7 W/m­²K.

SILKA: The complete package

As well as ticking all the boxes when it comes to energy performance, SILKA products are beautiful in their design. The exclusive SILKtouch sputter coat technology gives our products a smooth as ‘SILKA’ feel to touch, while its robust finish helps resist finger marks and avoid unwanted smears.

Manufactured in aluminium, SILKA window and door products offer an on-trend modern aesthetic, suiting a range of property designs. Created by the team at New World Developments using their design and technical know-how – the range includes wide-span glazing, entrance doors, windows and rooflights. This means that no matter the project a customer is looking to undertake – whether it’s a refurbishment, renovation, extension, or new build – SILKA can deliver it all.

The complete SILKA range encompasses Windows; Entrance, Bifold and Lift & Slide Doors; and Rooflights which are available now: