SILKA Aluminium Lift & Slide Doors achieve a 1.4 U-value

Testing for the new SILKA Lift and Slide door has been highly successful and the stunning floor-to-ceiling door offers a 1.4 W/m2K U-value at standard test sizes.

“The tech team knew it was going to get a good test result,” says Andy Jones, Sales and Marketing Director responsible for SILKA in England and Wales. “The 1.4 U-value is spot on for installers and means this is one of the best-performing aluminium doors on the market.”

The team behind Apeer doors is behind the new SILKA brand. The team has used its technical know-how and expertise to create this ahead-of-the-curve glazing system.

“It’s not just the U-value that’s impressive,” adds Andy. “The whole system is a brilliant addition to the SILKA range. Clever use of the revolutionary thermal barrier Thermafill™ means we get the best performance from our aluminium frames.

“SILKA Lift and Slide doors include beefy heavy-duty rollers which can take up to 300kg per door which means they offer silky smooth opening even with the triple glazing as standard. We call the SILKA Lift and Slide door floor-to-ceiling because the opening can go up to 2.7 metres tall. We should probably call them wall-to-wall as well, as a four-door configuration can go up to 10 meters wide.

 “The finish is stunning too, with the exclusive SILKtouch sputter coat technology with a lightly textured silky feel that stays cleaner longer.

“The SILKA Lift and Slide door is ready to order, and we are just putting the final touches on the rest of the range. We have a slim sash window with high thermal performance and rooflights in the collection alongside the Lift and Slide door. We will be launching the SILKA bifold and entrance door very soon.

“We believe that SILKA is the future of glazing, it is only available from ourselves which makes it perfect for installers looking for an aluminium window and door system which differentiates them from the competition and keeps them ahead of the curve.”