Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is at the heart of SILKA, and with costs of energy seemingly ever increasing, energy efficiency has never been more important for homeowners. The Government is also clamping down, to ensure that homes become more energy efficient. Over the next few years there will be increasing demands on manufacturers to deliver higher levels of energy efficiency than ever before.
We are not waiting to be told. The team at New World Developments, has an impressive track record of delivering high levels energy performance for more than 30 years, and everything in the SILKA range offers top levels of thermal efficiency. We will always exceed the standards set, and that means homeowners will guarantee their homes are futureproofed.
In all our product designs we always include Thermafill® and Triple Glazing. The coming together of these two elements creates a system of top energy efficiency through both the frame AND the glass.
The result is SILKA.