How can a rooflight enhance my extension?

Summer means sunnier days, but how can we maximise those rays even while inside, while we still have them!? If you’re planning a home extension to increase your living space, getting as much light into your home is key. This is easily achieved with a SILKA rooflight, paired with our wide-span Bifold Doors or Lift & Slide Doors 

The addition of rooflights for flat roofs has brought about some stunning home transformations. Whether you’re building a new extension or renovating an existing one, rooflights are the key to maximising the space and light in your home. 

What is a rooflight? 

A rooflight is a glazed unit that is typically installed on a flat roof – and your home’s personal sunshine booster! Rooflights for flat roofs are perfect for adding style and brightening up dark corners, as they increase the surface area that can bring in natural light. 

Benefits of a rooflight for flat roofs 


Increased natural light 

Welcome increased levels of natural light into your living space with a ceiling of glass. With impressive glazing and super slim sightlines, our SILKA rooflights can turn your roof into a glorious source of the happy hormone serotonin by increasing the amount of natural light that enters your home. Say goodbye to dark, unused corners, and hello to a brighter vibe! 

Increased space 

By bringing in more light, you can create the illusion of having more space. Adding a rooflight can make your home feel larger and more inviting. Whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a cosy weekend, our rooflights can help you set the perfect scene. 

Design versatility 

At SILKA, we understand that each extension is unique, which is why we offer our rooflights in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Our rooflights are compatible with almost any flat roofing system and are suitable for roof pitches from 0-15 degrees. Available in sizes up to 3 metres by 1 metre, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.  

Energy efficiency 

Don’t worry about sacrificing energy efficiency for the sake of sunlight. SILKA rooflights are triple glazed as standard and include Thermafill® – our trademark insulating technology, which boosts the thermal efficiency of our flat rooflights to ensure edge-to-edge thermal performance. Equipped to keep your home cool in summer and cosy in winter – the warmth of sunlight flooding into your room is just an added bonus. 

Enhance your extension with SILKA rooflights 

Many of our large-span aluminium windows and doors go into newly-built extensions, so we knew that a rooflight would be the ideal addition to the SILKA range.  

Ready to transform your extension with a rooflight? Find out more about our rooflights for flat roofs today and discover how our SILKA rooflights can help transform your home into a lighter and airier living space. You can also find your local installer and visit our showroom to see our range of rooflights.